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The number of workers switching jobs is falling as stress levels relating to job security rise, according to a recent NAB report.

It is a “great shame” that the industry will be affected by the actions of a few bad actors, says Senator Paul Scarr.

The latest Wage Price Index rose 4.2 per cent over the year, with the public sector contributing a more significant amount of growth this quarter.

Accountants are optimistic about AI and yet few are investing in the technology. Among those who are using AI, it is mostly for non-accounting purposes.

Public-private interchange is ‘healthy’ but we will likely see less of it in future, says the Commissioner of Taxation.

Businesses are pulling back from hiring as the labour market turns, with employment growth forecast to slump to 0.9 per cent next year.

The Tax Practitioners Board must improve the availability of information about tax agent misconduct to assist practitioners with the new disqualified entity laws, the association says.

While the big end of town has copped the brunt of the ATO’s enforcement efforts on the income-splitting arrangements, smaller firms are not immune.

The Federal Court has ruled in favour of the ATO in a dispute concerning the restructure of an energy services company and a capital allowance deductions claim.

The Melbourne start-up analyses satellite and climate data to reveal the environmental impact of agriculture.

New legislation will require the ACCC to respond to ‘systemic or significant’ complaints from designated consumer and business groups.

The ATO is clamping down on accounting errors with employment taxes and nudging employers to shift their SG compliance closer to real-time.

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